Suhaib Webb returns to the UK after a long awaited return, where he will lead the iconic open air Jummah prayer and spend the weekend delivering a keynote address.   ...

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Our tents have arrived and the team have been having fun assembling them to check them out.  ...

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A holiday and spiritual experience without the airport. Good one!

I didn't really want to come but the wife insisted it would be a good thing… and I'm man enough to admit it, she was bang on. Greatly impressed by you guys.

Listening to knowledgeable scholars make you realise just how much there is to know and think about.

Saturday night was truly uplifting. I feel so proud to be a British Muslim in a humble kind of way.

We'll be back next time – with our friends and family!

We've really had the best time at Living Islam and feel so rejuvenated and proud. A big up thank you to the organisers for all your hard work.